Wordpress Gutenberg - All what you need to know



The major change in the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release will be the new Gutenberg content editor. This is one of the biggest changes in WordPress history that should help minimize technology debt and change the way it works with the content of the page.

Gutenberg editor and blocks

A fundamental change is the division of the article into blocks. The block represents a certain area that you can fill with any content, move it or change its behavior. Where different custom codes or additional plugins have been needed so long, a new editor is enough. So, for example, it’s possible to split the content into columns without having to use just the custom code line.

The background is a big technological leap forward. Gutenberg was a hot topic at the WordCamp Europe 2018, much talked about in Paris last year.

Get ready and test

The new editor has been available for several months as a standalone plugin. You have probably noticed the challenge to test it on your WordPress wall. If your Gutenberg site is not ready, do not worry. Once the new editor becomes the default part of WordPress, the original TinyMCE editor can be downloaded as a plug-in and still used

So far only for articles

The new editor will still be available for articles only (blog). TinyMCE Editor will continue to be used to edit pages or custom post types. However, the future of WordPress is clear, and in the next stages, it is expected that the entire web page will be blocked and editable through blocks.