Why does the world need open source?



The open source community is proof that people can and want to create things that are free for the good of society. The concept of open source is known especially for software development, but such solutions are common in other areas as well.

Open source is the type of licensing in which the author allows users to freely modify their work, use this work in a new way but build a new larger project on it. Open source gives space for innovation and faster progress in different areas.

Interestingly, the first open source project was not related to software development. Henry Ford, who co-founded the Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Association, was behind him. Within this association, major car manufacturers shared technology patents for free and without asking for money. Thanks to this cooperation, the whole industry could progress. The concept of open source was officially used in 1998 with the introduction of the source code Navigator, since then, this concept has gained popularity, and in the same year the Open Source Initiative also emerged.

What does the open source software developer commit to?

  • The entire program code must be available to the public.
  • Enable the ability to modify, enhance, or change the original code.
  • Enable the ability to create a derived work from this code.
  • Allow the program to be used as desired by the user.

The Internet is a great example of open source. The web drives open source Linux and Apache Web Server, Nginx web server, MySQL or MariaDB, BIND DNS server and many more. The most popular open source software includes WordPress, Magento, Mozilla, OpenOffice, GIMP, and Ubuntu. Software companies like Google and Facebook also open up some of their innovations through open source.

Nuclear.Hosting is OpenSource Friendly!

All our services, software, scripts or systems are Open Sourced. We’re using only open source software and our custom developed software, configs and services are also open sourced. Anyone can access or duplicate our sources and use it by itself. With no secrets!

Nuclear.Hosting is Open and Community friendly!