What is Nuclear.Hosting about & NH Features and services



Nuclear.Hosting Main Idea & Why we are different

Nuclear.Hosting is a Webhosting provider. But not just a regular web hosting like you are used to. :bangbang: :fearful:

We do many things in a different way. There are three main areas in which we differ from anyone else.

:white_check_mark: First one is our community. Nuclear.Hosting is community-based web hosting :family_man_woman_boys:

NH services are made by a community. We are building the biggest hosting community worldwide.

NH community members working for each other, Together we are building and developing better and better hosting services. Our community members help and share to every other member with any issue.

Our NH community is open to everyone.

The same philosophy we also apply in services payments :heavy_dollar_sign:.

:yen: :dollar: No high payouts for company members, no managers, no programmers and developers with astronomical money requirements. :euro: :pound:

All your :euro: :pound: money we bring back to NH to improve and developing better hosting world. We are growing and being better only thanks to you, your memberships, your opinions, your words, your money.

All your money we bring back to you in best hosting services.

:white_check_mark: The second one is our Webhosting services offer and pricing policy.

Our web hosting services and an offer is very simple and in the spirit of our ideas and mission.

We offer two web hosting packages.

First one is :bangbang: absolutely :free: :bangbang: to use for everyone. No payments, no liabilities, no fees :100:. Absolutely :free: to use, fair and open. Sounds crazy? Yes, it really is :joy:

The second one is paid web hosting package which includes absolutely freedom. :anger:

What does it mean?

  • No storage limitations :cyclone:
  • Unlimited hostings and domains :blush:
  • Advanced and PRO hosting features such as SSH, GIT, and much more :cool:
  • Much more you can expected! :100: :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

What is the key feature of our :money_with_wings: paid web hosting package?

The :key: feature is NO LIMITS! No storage limits, no domains limits, no e-mail limits, no database limits. :scream:

:white_check_mark: The third one is that NH is an opensource preferred company (community sounds better, isn’t it?).

We are open, we share with you and with a community, we are running on open source technologies.

We no waste your money to commercial software or β€œblack box” technologies.

We love the opensource idea. We’re using only opensource technologies and software, we developing under opensource license and sharing our ideas, software, and know-how with the communities.

No hidden settings, no hidden limitations, no secrets. Are you interesting about some of our NH software or know how? Just ask, we likely share our know-how.

This is what we believe in! If you are familiar with our mission, let’s rock! Join to Nuclear.Hosting Community. You are proudly welcome! :wink:

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