READ FIRST: About the Development category and How to post in

Development section contains interesting information about Nuclear.Hosting services.

All development things in Nuclear.Hosting you can find here. What you can find in this section:

  • Nuclear.Hosting Roadmap
  • Nuclear.Hosting planned Features
  • Settings and technologies we used on NH servers and services
  • Hacks, bugfixes and patches (free to use for you)
  • Features Requests & Features Wishlist
  • Crowdfunding for requested features

How to submit feature request

Please, follow this simple rules how to submit your feature requests.

  • Double check if your requested feature is not already implemented
  • Search before submit. Check, if you requested feature is not already requested by another user.
  • If you requesting feature, include in your topic title "Feature Request: ". Example Feature Request: Change PHP version from hosting control panel
  • Describe your feature request in depth, but be eternal.
  • We reconsider your request and if we decide not to develop it, topic will be closed. Do not open duplicate topic!
  • If we accept your request, topic title will be changed to: (WAIT)Feature Request:.