Prestashop since 1.7.7 version does not support sending emails by PHP mail() function

Some of you may already notice that Prestashop since 1.7.7 version does not support sending emails by using PHP mail() function. From Prestashop’s GitHub commit regarding these changes:

Since we updated Swiftmailer, the class Swift_Transport_MailTransport which was using the mail() function is not available anymore because it has been removed for security reasons. Instead we are relying on the class Swift_Transport_SendmailTransport which use /usr/sbin/sendmail. Even if that change has been made a few months ago, the Back Office options didn’t reflect that change. This PR aims to change the wording according to that change.

The problem is, that many Prestashop installations are running on the shared web hosting servers. The sendmail binary and the proc_open PHP function is in many cases blocked by the provider and is not possible to use them. The only alternative is a usage SMTP server. But another problem comes in by using SMTP server on shared hosting servers. Many hosting providers prohibit to use local SMTP server by PHP scripts or shared SMTP servers dedicated to regular e-mail communication. This lead to the only one usable solution when comes to sending emails from Prestashop 1.7.7 and it is to have dedicated SMTP server.

More information about this problem you can find in official Prestashop forum here:

When comes to our recommendations: Nuclear.Hosting currently does not support new Prestashop 1.7.7. We do not allow sendmail binary on web servers even PHP proc_open. Our SMTP servers are not supposed to be used by PHP applications so the connection to our SMTP server from webservers are denied. We do not suggest you upgrade your current Prestashop installations or install Prestashop version 1.7.7. Our recommendation is to complain and push the Prestashop developers to bring PHP mail() function back to place. We will keep to watching this issue and we try to find a suitable solution on how to solve this issue if Prestashop developers will be not willing to help their users.