Nuclear.Hosting Roadmap


In this topic you can find our roadmap. You find here what we have to do before first Nuclear.Hosting launch - all steps needs to be done before we can accept first hosting registrations.

You can make your own image how complicated and not easy is to developing webhosting services from scratch.

Are you interesting in more? Are you able to and want to help us? Lets us now! We are open, we are community and any help is appreciated.

This roadmap will be continuously updated.

Infrastructure / servers / technologies

  • Install webservers + proxy servers + system to generate vhosts on proxy :white_check_mark:
  • Install clusters
  • Install mysql servers :white_check_mark:
  • Install mail servers, clusters for SMTP, storage and IMAP/POP3
  • Install DNS servers, replication :white_check_mark:
  • Code FUP system for SMTP servers (to avoid spammers) - :white_check_mark:
  • Firewall
  • Antispam system, antispam politics
  • Multiple PHP versions :white_check_mark:
  • SSL
  • ControlPanel Wizard module to create new hosting for domain :white_check_mark:
  • Crowdfunding module into ISPConfig interface
  • One-Click Opensource CMS Install :white_check_mark:
  • Webpage builder
  • Composer support :white_check_mark:
  • WP-CLI support :white_check_mark:
  • Git support
  • Webdav support
  • Imapsync tool (mail migration tool)
  • Webmail :white_check_mark:
  • Supervisord / runit / supervise daemontools

Webpage, content, design, social media

  • Install CMS (Wordpress) :white_check_mark:
  • Build webpage (customize template) :white_check_mark:
  • Insert web content :white_check_mark:
  • Terms & conditions / Privacy Policy :white_check_mark:
  • Price list :white_check_mark:
  • Affiliate system
  • USD Currency

Payments / Orders / Invoicing / Memerships

  • Order system :white_check_mark:
  • Billing system :white_check_mark:
  • Connect order system with ISPConfig :white_check_mark:
  • Domain registration
    • Manual
    • Automatic (Connect with API)
  • PayPal payments :white_check_mark:
  • Automatic subscription (automatic membership renew with payment from paypal or CC)
  • Payment gateway (Credit card payment, BTC / LTC / ETH payments,…)
  • Automatic payment processing
  • Registration / Orders approvals (manual) :white_check_mark:
  • VAT calculation by client country :white_check_mark:
  • Disable hosting services when services expire and payment is overdue :white_check_mark:


  • Support page with How-Tos and manuals
  • Ticket system

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