NHCoin Token - All you need to know about



NHCoin is the standard ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain. Its use is primarily intended for the Nuclear.Hosting ecosystem and also for DAO Nuclear.Corp. The NHCoin Token will also be tradable for FIAT currencies or other cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.

The primary purpose of NHCoin token in enviroment of Nuclear.Hosting services is:

  • NHCoin is payment means / payment method for a Nuclear.Hosting Community membership
  • NHCoin is a payment means for complementary services in the NH Community
  • NHCoin is a voting ticket in the polls and referenda on the further development and development of Nuclear.Hosting (within DAO Nuclear.Corp or other Dapp of Nuclear.Hosting)
  • NHCoin is a payment means in Crowdfunding’s of Nuclear.Hosting campaings for new projects, new features or services within Nuclear.Hosting
  • NHCoin as a value indicator and asset of Nuclear.Hosting and its associated projects and DAO Nuclear.Corp

NHCoin Supply & Allocation

Total amount of issued tokens: 420 000 000 NHC
Token Symbol: NHC
Decimals: 18
Contract address:
Hard-Cap: 28 000 ETH
1 ETH = 6000 NHC
1 NHC = 0.000166667 ETH

Monhtly VIP membership price in NHC: 199,5 NHC

NHCoin Purpose and Usage

After official launch of Nuclear.Hosting, NHCoin will be listed on one of the crypto exchanges where NHCoin can be traded for the FIAT or another cryptocurrency. In addition, NHCoin may be used to pay within the Nuclear.Hosting or Nuclear.Corp ecosystem.

At the same time, an active member of the community will receive NHCoin rewards from the Bounty program for assistance, assistance in NH development, translation and other NH development activities and active cooperation with NH Core Team. These tokens are then put into circulation, the “Bounty program” will not be refilled.

Members of the NH Core Team will receive rewards in the form of NHCoin from the “Working Team” fund, which will not be renewed / refilled.

Funds “Advisors” and “Marketing & Legal” will be used to remunerate and pay for services to external consultants, community members or other entities for services provided to Nuclear.Hosting, Nuclear Corp LTD and Nuclear.Corp DAO for legal, commercial, programming, auditing, marketing and other services. The funds will not be renewed / refilled, the amount of payment and rewards will be approved and voted by members of the community and NH Senate.

The NHCoin token will also be available on the Crypto Exchange or purchased directly on Nuclear.Hosting.

NHCoin as a company asset

NHCoin can be used to pay for membership in the NH Community. Its use is only possible to prolong membership, not to registration / order of a new membership. Free members can use NHCoin to upgrade to VIP membership if they are Free members for at least 6 months.

NHCoin can also be used to charge additional services from the NH pricelist. Except for EV SSL certificates.

NHCoin is one of the core elements of Nuclear.Hosting Corp DAO – a decentralized organization. The operation of DAO as well as the development and further development, direction and progress of Nuclear.Hosting as a project will depend on which projects, functions, functionalities and services the community proposes and then approves and votes.

Voting will be possible by sending a predetermined amount of tokens to the assigned contract / vote address. Only NHCoin tokens and ETH will be accepted.

Only members of the Nuclear.Hosting community with the registered addresses of their ETH wallet will be eligible to vote.

NHCoin is one of the primary economic value indicators of Nuclear Corp LTD which legally covers the activities of Nuclear.Hosting and DAO Nuclear.Corp.

NHCoin tokens are as shares of a standard and publicly tradable company, already from the title that Nuclear Corp LTD is based and built on a decentralized organization based on blockchaine where all changes, development and routing are voted by the community in polls (Dapp) or community board, or the development of crowdfunding (Dapp) investments.

The market, economic and social value of the company, however, stems not only from the number of paying members (VIP Members) but also from the development of the NHCoin token value.

Nuclear.Hosting Bounty Program

The Bounty program is designed for all members who actively collaborate and engage in the development of Nuclear.Hosting services and projects. Such activities include, for example, translations, help with graphics, promotion, programming or other activities that will help with the further development of Nuclear.Hosting, as the NH is a community project and its functioning and further development is directly interconnected and dependent on the community.

The amount of the reward will be determined individually depending on the project member’s work or the area and amount of his / her contribution. Beneficiaries of the Bounty Fund Rewards in the form of NHCoin Tokens will be posted to the NH Community Board as well as the amount of remuneration they received for their contribution. The process will be transparent, the payout of the rewards will also be checked in the Ethereum blockchain.

Members can be involved actively – by suggesting what they want to improve or work on, or they can sign up based on calls made by NH Core Team at the NH Community Board. Such challenges will be fixed in advance by a fixed amount of reward.

Involvement in development will also be possible in projects that come out as a result of the proposal and subsequent vote on the development of new projects or challenges within DAO Nuclear.Corp, or crowdfunding campaigns. In such cases, the reward will be complemented by funds collected in the crowdfundung campaign. The amount of the reward will be announced in advance.

Source codes of Smart Contracts for NHCoin token you can find in our Github repository here: https://github.com/nuclearhosting/nhcoin_token