NHCoin Airdrop - All you need to know



NHCoin Airdrop is a first official NHCoin pre-issue phase. Airdrop is stage within pre-allocated amount of tokens are issued for free to users who met conditions and complete registration. There are only limited amount of pre-allocated tokens for Airdrop phase so only limited number of users can join to Airdrop. After successful registration and met all requirements we send to its registered ETH wallet 250 NHC tokens.

NHCoin Airdrop Base Information

NHCoin Airdrop Supply: 420 000 NHC (0,1% of all NHC supply)
NHCoin Airdrop Reward after competition all conditions: 250NHC
NHCoin Airdrop phase duration: from 01.10.2018 to 29.11.2018 or until stocks go out.
When do you receive NHC Airdrop tokens: at least within 30 days after Airdrop phase end

NHCoin Airdrop Application Requirements

To get free NHCoin Tokens in Airdrop phase you need to fulfill all of these requirements and tasks. If you do not fulfill all of them, we cannot accept your Airdrop registration and it means that you are not entitled to obtain free NHC tokens.

Please, do not complete registration form if you do not complete all the tasks and requirements!

After completing all of tasks above just fill registration form on this page. Your registration will be reviewed after the end of Airdrop phase and if all tasks were completed sucessfuly and met requirements, we will issue 250 NHC tokens to your registered ETH wallet address.

NHCoin Airdrop start October 1st 2018


:point_right: NHCoin Airdrop started! :point_left:

Complete all tasks, register HERE and get 250NHC tokens FREE!