Latest Nuclear.Hosting News 03/2021 - 05/2021

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Hello pals, we would like to share with you some important news and changes we have been working recently on and we are currently working on.

✔️ We have added a new article about PHP to our Knowledge Base. You can also find full phpinfo of all supported PHP versions on our servers.
✔️ We have updated KB article about Files, Filsystem and Quota.
✔️ New hosting geolocations was launched! Welcome, Poland! Welcome, Germany! Our two newest web servers are installed in Warsaw, Poland and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Available for all VIP members. Our Geo expansion still continues. Getting ready new servers in new locations.
✔️ PHP8.0 is now available on all web servers for both memberships.
✔️ TLS1.3 support is now available on all webservers and SMTP servers.
✔️ We have added a new article about our web servers Geo-locations to Knowledge Base.

Stay tuned, folks!