January & February '19 news from Nuclear.Hosting

Hello there, the February 2019 is over and we have some updates from Nuclear.Hosting for you which we worked on during the last two months:

:heavy_check_mark: E-Mail Client Auto-config / AutoDiscover: We provide e-mail client auto-configuration for all domains which are using our DNS Nameserver or with correctly configured DNS records. You do not need to enter IMAP/POP3 or SMTP details to your e-mail client manually. Our auto-config service (which is currently supported in Mozilla Thunderbird and MS Outlook) provide all configuration automatically. More information you can find in KB.
:heavy_check_mark: WP-CLI: Wordpress Command-line utility is now available in the Shell environment. More information about usage you can find in KB.
:heavy_check_mark: Knowledge Base engine/system was replaced by MkDocs (previously Docsify was used).
:heavy_check_mark: Adminer updated to the latest version.
:heavy_check_mark: Sieve scripts (e-mail filters) improvements
:heavy_check_mark: Community board updated to the latest version
:heavy_check_mark: Update Hosting Wizard tool in Hosting Control Panel: fixed several bugs, added and improved some features.
:heavy_check_mark: Monitoring server was upgraded and migrated to a new locality.
:heavy_check_mark: A lot of bug fixes in the hosting control panel was made.
:heavy_check_mark: To the knowledge base, we added a new sections about subdomains and SPF&DKIM technologies.
:heavy_check_mark: We fix Sign-up page problems with responsivity. The Sign-up page is now mobile-friendly and fully responsive on all screens.