Introducing a New USA Hosting Location

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We are very pleasured and excited that we can introduce our new Hosting Location today! After several months of hard work, a lot of testing and infrastructure improvements, we officially started a web hosting services in the United States of America (USA)!

Currently, we have running a web server, proxy server and database server in the USA. As we declare for our hosting features, those servers are including SSD drives as well. Besides that, we already had a DNS name server located in the USA before.

Nuclear.Hosting is now much closer to you! For all our VIP members we are offering an option to choose the default location for their web hosting. Are your visitors or customers primary from the USA? Great! Then you can create web hosting in our USA location! Are your customers located primarily in Europe? No problem at all! Just, create your web hosting in the Europe location! Most important is that we do not charge any additional costs for the USA location 😎 How cool is this, isn’t it?

What we plan in future regarding USA hosting location? We will continue by deploying new e-mail servers. Currently, e-mail servers/e-mail services are available only at the Europe location. We want to attract new USA members, so we are planning some marketing activities in the USA. We also planning to extend our Support Team to be more local and much closer to you in the USA. In the very near future, you can look for PayPal Subscriptions, so your membership payments will proceed automatically all the way. Also, currently we are working to completely change our Membership plans and automatize sign-up process without manual verification and approval needed.

Nuclear.Hosting an amazing journey still continues! Stay with us!