How Let's Encrypt SSL certificates works & limitations

Let’s Encrypt is a community certification authority that issues trusted, unsecured certificates for free.

Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate you can activate for any domain you owe in NH Control Panel, absolutely free, just one-click. But, because LE is free certification authority, there are some limitations and rules, you have to keep in mind.

Let’s Encrpyt SSL certificates PROS:

  • :white_check_mark: Free for every domain
  • :white_check_mark: Truested SSL certificate and Certification Authority
  • :white_check_mark: SAN (Multi-domain) certificates support (allows you to include domain name aliases)
  • :white_check_mark: Auto-renew, no manual actions required, such as ordering, verification, or etc.

Let’s Encrpyt SSL certificates CONS:

  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: With no Guarantee
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: Only DV (Domain Validated), with no wildcard support
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: Should not work in older browsers or systems
  • :negative_squared_cross_mark: Maximum number of certificates per domain limitation

Let’s Encrpyt SSL certificates limitations:

  • :bangbang: Your domain name have to be pointed to our webserver in your DNS zone, if you like to activate LE certificate. If you have added some domain aliases, SSL LE certificate will be released as SAN certificate and will include all domain aliases. All domain aliases have to point to same webserver just like primary domain. If any of your domain will no point to webserver, SSL certificate will be not issued. :bangbang:
  • For one domain and all its subdomains should be issued max. 20 SSL LE certificates. The same limit applies also for max. number of certificates issued per week (incl. renew and new cert issue).
  • For one single domain or subdomain should be issued max. 5 certificates per week (incl. renew or regeneration).

How to activate SSL Let’s Encrypt Certificate

Browse to NH ControlPanel (, sign in to your account, browse the Websites section, edit domain for you want to activate Let’s Encrypt Certificate, scroll to bottom and mark checkbox Let’s Encrypt SSL. Wait about two minutes.

And, that is! Easy & Fast & Simple