GitHub Open Source Friday

GitHub has come up with an interesting initiative named Open Source Friday to convince companies to allow their employees to work on the last day of the week to work on open projects. GitHub perceives the initiative to be beneficial not only to the projects themselves but to see the improvement of the company and the business environment behind them.

The initiative is based on the fact that developers are willing to contribute, but do not have time. It is true that many companies have built their products and services on open-source projects, so it can be a way of “re-casting something”.

Open Source Friday has its own website with arguments why the company should be involved in the initiative. At the same time, you can sign up and show your profile under your profile.

Nuclear.Hosting is “company” based fully on OpenSource technologies. We also supports opensource projects. We live with OpenSource idea and in the very near feature we will publish our Git repository where you can find our software or configuration files, our debian packages, source codes, all for free usage. We also contributing into several OpenSource projects.

We :heart: OpenSource!