BlueBorne: Serious attack on Bluetooth threatens billions of devices

Security analysts have found eight vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth protocol, which is estimated to be at risk for more than 5.3 billion devices, from Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux to IoT devices, as long as they use Bluetooth technology.

Using the vulnerabilities found, Armis security analysts have designed an attack named BlueBorne that allows an attacker to completely control devices with available Bluetooth, distribute malware, or get man-in-the-middle to access data transmitted without the need for any user interaction. So you just need to be in the reach of your device with Bluetooth turned on. Some patches have already been released for some platforms, however, users of older versions of Android and iOS are still at risk. Android users can download the “BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner”, which was created by Armis, and is available through the Google Play Store. This app allows you to see if the device is vulnerable to the BlueBorne attack.

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