Autumn News from Nuclear.Hosting

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Hello pals, we would like to share with you some important news and changes we have been working recently on and we are currently working on.

✔️ We have changed our company postal address and Head Office address.
✔️ As you can know, NH is legally located in the Slovak Republic, in the heart of the European Union. We are proud that we are EU located and we moved to Slovakia from the UK when Brexit was announced and confirmed. Even our services are worldwide opened since our company was moved there was no Slovak version of our website. In honour of Slovakia as our company base, we finally launched a Slovak version of our website! You are welcome on our first localized website:
✔️ We have new and updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions.
✔️ We are working on our new backup system which will increase data backups rapidly. Within these changes, there will be new backup storage servers installed. The new backup system will be ready until the end of the 2020 year.
✔️ Still working hard on introducing our Affiliate program! We will offer you significant and mind-blowing commissions. Stay tuned, a new affiliate program will be ready until December 1st.

In the end, we would like to officially congratulate to the new USA President Joe Biden and Vice-president Kamala Harris to the election. We’re sending our congratulations to all of our American friends, family and customers.

Stay tuned, folks!