1-Click Wordpress Installer

Originally published at: https://nuclear.hosting/news/1-click-wordpress-installer/

Many of you often reported that WordPress installer in Hosting Control panel does not work well. The reason is that APS Installer integration in ISPConfig panel which we are using is not very well. So we decided to completely re-work the whole process and apps installer.

Today, finally, we are happy to announce you that previous/original APS Installer was deactivated and completely replaced with a new module which we created from scratch.

The new 1-Click installer is much more easy to use, better integrated a fully compatible with ISPConfig logic and our servers configuration. Currently, we support only WordPress installation but during a time, we will add some more OpenSource CMS.

1-Click WordPress installation is available to all memberships (Free & VIP) and is located in the top menu in your Hosting Control Panel.

The source code of our newly created OneClick installer will be released in our Github shortly.